International style agility - phooey! Check out

Sorry all of you who love to baby sit your dogs around a course at jet speeds, but this old lady ain't buying it. You'll understand one of these days. (grin)

Besides not being able to run like the wind anymore, I like nice open courses that my dog can help me out by actually seeing some kind of sequence to this game. In addition to not being able to keep up with my dog, I like being able to have the breath to give a verbal cue and not having to require an EMT standing by to resuscitate me at the end of the course. Both those things are hard to do if you've got to beat your dog to every freaking ovstacle to make them go the wrong way to jump it.

I'm a weekend warrior. I don't live, breath, nor obsess agility. I think it should remain fun, that I can run a non-traditional agility breed, and still expect a good chance of getting Qs. After all, I pay the same in entry fees and my gas costs an arm and a leg, too.

If you long for tougher courses, then please go create your own governing body. Please don't mess up my classes and don't think clubs should have special classes for you either. Having to reset jumps/obstacles is just that much more work for club members and volunteers.

In addition, I think international styles, which require tight jump wraps is a safety hazard! You people are causing the problems and the controversy about jump cups and uprights. Enough already! If your dogs have the option to a straight on approach, then the risk is minimum.

Well, that's my feeling on the subject..... I don't want to play by those rules and neither does my dog! ( I don't want a Border Collie either!)