The hounds and I had a great time at the NADAC trial in Vancleave, MS sponsored by the Gulf Coast Chihuahua Club. The weather was just right, the arena dirt was just right, all the people were nice - all the makings of a great weekend!

Mr Magic made the most improvement and it showed. He Q'd 7 out of 8 runs, only missing time in Weaves because he doesn't quite understand off side weaves. We will be working on those this week.

Ms Prize was hampered by her owner running out of steam on one course and not being fast enough on another. But when she Q'd, she smoked brother Magic! She had some nice runs and has moved up to Open in a couuple of her classes.

Mr Guy, was not quite fast enough in his Open Weaves, but he more than made up for it by getting his Open Chances title! Never thought I'd see the day! We moved up to Elite Chances, but we have to have way more distance control and direction for that class!