The hounds and I had a great time at the NADAC trial in Vancleave, MS sponsored by the Gulf Coast Chihuahua Club. The weather was just right, the arena dirt was just right, all the people were nice - all the makings of a great weekend!

Mr Magic made the most improvement and it showed. He Q'd 7 out of 8 runs, only missing time in Weaves because he doesn't quite understand off side weaves. We will be working on those this week.

Ms Prize was hampered by her owner running out of steam on one course and not being fast enough on another. But when she Q'd, she smoked brother Magic! She had some nice runs and has moved up to Open in a couuple of her classes.

Mr Guy, was not quite fast enough in his Open Weaves, but he more than made up for it by getting his Open Chances title! Never thought I'd see the day! We moved up to Elite Chances, but we have to have way more distance control and direction for that class!
It's still hot here.... that's not the problem. The temp rises and so do the LOVEBUGS! I can hardly stand to go out in the yard in the afternoon for all the lovebugs flying around and getting in your hair, on your clothes, up your nose, etc.

Needless to say, forget trying to inhale too many lovebugs. I will be soooooo glad when those pests are gone!
VMO is someone who will measures your dog for AKC agility, so you are placed in the correct jump height class. The V stands for volunteer. Unfortunately, AKC has deemed only AKC Agility Judges can be a VMO. Kinda makes the " volunteer" part questionable, doesn't it?

At trials I've been to, it's usually the person judging who has to cover all the measuring, making everyone in a hurry & taking time from the judge who could be catching up on paperwork. Considering exhibitors, especially novices, are a bit on the nervous side, hurrying the process doesn't always make for a happy experience.

I've had 4 dogs in for measuring & since they are always going to jump 24, it's kind of a moot experience. It doesn't matter if someone measures them taller than they are, but could be a real bone of contention in lower heights! In fact, someone did measure one of mine at 26 1/4" when she is actually a hair under 26". The person did not measure her at the withers, rather up on her neck. I started to correct the person, but I was in a hurry & it didn't matter what the height was in the final outcome.

"Oh, yeah, so what makes you the expert"?, you ask. Well, my qualification is that I am an AKC judge of 3 measurable breeds, so I was taught the correct AKC method of assessing height.  We do use a fixed wicket, which other agility venues use, too. NADAC & ASCA simply use a fixed wicket & either you measure in a jump height or you go into a higher one. AKC uses a sliding wicket, which should give you a true height. Why they chose this, I don't know. Seems the other would be sufficient and faster to me.

Anyway, before I was told I would have to be an agility judge to be a VMO, I wrote to them, asking for an application to be a VMO. I'm already at a trial, so I'd be happy to help out & I'm really good at calming dogs down to be measured. :-)

I did write them back & asked them to reconsider that rule, especially for someone like me.
It's summer, it's hot and the RRs are taking some time off from agility....and I'm going to Italy to judge the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Italy's specialty show! You'll understand that's all I can think of at the moment. :-)

When I get back, I've got to get Guy, Magic and Prize back to practice again. I'm still pumped that Guy got 2 NADAC Open Chances legs, so got to work distance, distance, distance! Determined to get that last leg and get 2 more AKC Excellent FAST legs, too.

Great weekend at the NADAC trial put on by the Gulf Coast Chihuahua Club. Great group of people, wonderful facility & a fun agility venue.

My two beginner dogs, Magic & Prize, both finished their Novice Standard & Jumpers titles! Prize also has her Novice Tunnelers & Touch 'N Go. She has been sidelined for a year with a muscle tear, now finally over that!

My BIG news is Guy got TWO Open Chances legs! That's a huge accomplishment for him! Very proud!
International style agility - phooey! Check out

Sorry all of you who love to baby sit your dogs around a course at jet speeds, but this old lady ain't buying it. You'll understand one of these days. (grin)

Besides not being able to run like the wind anymore, I like nice open courses that my dog can help me out by actually seeing some kind of sequence to this game. In addition to not being able to keep up with my dog, I like being able to have the breath to give a verbal cue and not having to require an EMT standing by to resuscitate me at the end of the course. Both those things are hard to do if you've got to beat your dog to every freaking ovstacle to make them go the wrong way to jump it.

I'm a weekend warrior. I don't live, breath, nor obsess agility. I think it should remain fun, that I can run a non-traditional agility breed, and still expect a good chance of getting Qs. After all, I pay the same in entry fees and my gas costs an arm and a leg, too.

If you long for tougher courses, then please go create your own governing body. Please don't mess up my classes and don't think clubs should have special classes for you either. Having to reset jumps/obstacles is just that much more work for club members and volunteers.

In addition, I think international styles, which require tight jump wraps is a safety hazard! You people are causing the problems and the controversy about jump cups and uprights. Enough already! If your dogs have the option to a straight on approach, then the risk is minimum.

Well, that's my feeling on the subject..... I don't want to play by those rules and neither does my dog! ( I don't want a Border Collie either!)
The boys did well in NADAC this past weekend. Magic is just starting out, but got 2 legs in Standard and 2 in Jumpers. We do need to work on contacts! When he's excited, he just has a hard time slowing for the much easier and FUN to bound on to the next tunnel.

I always forget how much running is involved in NADAC. The spacing of the jumps makes for a really hard run for me. Gotta get more distance handling skills!